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For decades, most California residents who wished to wager on sports either did so under the table or legged it to Vegas to put money on their favorite teams each week. However, with the advent of the Internet and offshore betting sites, legal California sports betting came into its own, even as the state itself did not actually regulate or oversee the practice. Indeed, the same story is true for most states, all of which – save for Nevada – were federally banned from offering land-based, local sports wagering by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992). Now that PASPA has been overturned by the Supreme Court, however, legal California sports betting can finally technically come to the state in a domestic, land-based fashion.

However, before that happens, there are some other aspects of the local wagering environment that need to be considered, and the CA state legislature will have their work cut out for them in getting the industry up and running. That said, legal California sports betting at in-state, land-based venues seems like a foregone conclusion in the medium-term. And in the meantime, you can always enjoy legal sports betting by wagering online at offshore books, which remains entirely legal and safe for all CA residents.


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